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Cimarron Single Action Revolver

Revolver, .45 Long Colt Caliber, 6 Round Cylinder     

Beveled Cylinder, Scaled Down Frame & Cylinder

Recountered Hammer, Single Action, 7.5” Barrel, Overall Length 13”

Blue  Steel Finish, Walnut

Weight: 42 Ounces

Suggested Retail Price: $759.99

SI&S Price: $575.00

The .45 Long Colt is a round you can count on every time to protect you and your loved

ones. Cimarron  has come up with a classic six gun style to house this dependable and very

capable caliber. The Contrasting Barrel and Cylinder Housing will make this Revolver one of the

centerpieces of any firearms owners collection. Classic Styling, Dependable and Deadly.

What more could you ask for?

So hurry and get yours before they’re gone!!!




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