Shafter Shootin Irons & Such

Consumer Alert!

Warning! Warning! Warning!

The following is a Consumer Alert

Do you like being treated like a number instead of a person?

Do you dislike a friendly, welcoming environment and staff?

Do hate enjoying yourself?

Does getting a great deal make you angry?
If so, then Do Not come to Shafter Shootin Irons & Such

Our customers are treated to the best service there is

We offer y’all a Big Ole Glass of Sweet Tea

And take the time to answer all your questions

Just to make sure you get the weapon that’s right for you

Our customers are often prone to laughing and havin a great time

And receiving a great deal with extras the other shops just don’t offer

If you didn’t answer Yes to the first four questions,

Then come on out to Shafter Shootin Irons

And find out for yourself what so many other people have

You’ll wanna come back again and again, and we’ll be glad to see ya
Shafter Shootin Irons & Such