Shafter Shootin Irons & Such

Shafter Shootin Irons & Such   

               DROS & Dealer Fees

What fees make up the DROS?

The State of California charges a mandatory $19.00 DROS fee

The dealer must also charge a $1.00 Firearms Safety Testing fee,

and a $5.00 Safety and Enforcement fee

Total: $25.00

If the transaction being processed is a dealer sale, consignment return, or return from pawn, you may impose other charges as long as this amount is clearly shown as a "Dealer Fee" and not misrepresented as a State fee.

(PC sections 12071(b)(11), (12))


What fees can Dealers charge for handling Private Party Transfers (PPTs)?

If the transaction is a PPT, Dealers are restricted to charging no more than $25.00 in State fees as described above, and $10.00 per firearm for conducting the PPT.  For example:

a. For a PPT involving one or more handguns, the total allowable fees are $45.00 for the first handgun, and $31.00 for each subsequent handgun.

b. For PPTs involving one or more long guns, the State fees are limited to $25.00 for the whole transaction plus $20.00 dealer fee per firearm transferred.

(PC section 12082)  

All Online Transfer Services-$75.00 

 Standard Shafter Shootin Irons & Such Dealer Fee: $20.00