Shafter Shootin Irons & Such

Public Notice

In response to numerous inquiries the following notice is provided.

Shafter Shootin Irons will not sell or take orders for Hi-Capacity Magazines until we receive clearance from CA DOJ Bureau of Firearms to do so.

In 2014 a Federal Judge deemed the 10 Day Waiting Period was Unconstitutional, and yet that Ruling was Overturned and the Waiting Period remains in effect.

It is our strong belief that California will Appeal this decision, and do all they can to delay and obstruct the ruling, which will result in potential problems for anyone selling or purchasing.

Should California decide to comply with the Federal Ruling, we will be glad to make these items available.

Since the manufacture of these magazines will continue, we advise that Caution and Patience be exercised until this issue is resolved completely.