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Century Arms Chinese M53 Carbine (Good Condition)

7.62X54MM Caliber, Bolt Action

20” Barrel, Rate Of Twist: 1.5”, Overall Length: 38.7500”

Capacity: 5 Round Integral Magazine

Black Metal Finish,

Oiled Satin Hardwood Stock

Overall Weight: 5 Pounds

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Century once again offers you rare examples of Sino-Soviet cooperation from a bygone era! The Type 53 is a copy of the famous Russian M44 carbine, and like its predecessor is chambered in 7.62x54R. We were able to locate a cache of these carbines where they have been preserved for decades just waiting to be re-issued. Needless to say - these won't be around forever. If you are a collector of Mosin-Nagants, this is a fantastic opportunity to add a hard-to-find carbine to your collection.



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