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Bolt Actions With Or Without Scopes

22-250  243  270  30-06  308 7mm Rem Mag 7mm-08

All Starting At $465.00


You Say You Want A Shotgun?????

We Have Shotguns For Hunting, Home Defense, or Whatever You Wish!!!!!

Starting As Low As $295.00


Specialty Rifles




Mossberg Night Train 2 $850.00  Ruger M77 Gunsite Scout $950.00


                                   Springfield Armory M1A1 Model 9226

                                          .308 Semi-Automatic $1645.99




   AR15's 15 5.56MM/.223                              PTR Industries Model 91F

  Lifetime Warranty Only                            .308 Semi-Automatic Only

           $950.00                                                                 $1325.00


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