Shafter Shootin Irons & Such

 Shafter Shootin Irons Night Before Christmas
“Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the Territory
Not a person was stirring, it was almost like Purgatory
The Rifles and Shotguns were hung in the Gun Racks with care
In the hopes no Desperados would stir on this Holiday so fair
The Deputies and Posse were nestled all snug in their beds
While dreams of fast Ponies danced in their heads
The Marshal sat in his office enjoying a cigar
Planning ways to save more money for his customers near and far
When out in the Corral I heard a loud noise indeed
Which at first made me think there had been a Stampede
So to the barred windows I went over to spy
To see if there might be some Rustlers nearby
Instead what I saw made me think I was dreamin
A shiny red Stage Coach drawn by Quarter Horses a Teamin
The Coach Man was wearing a Red Leather Jacket & Vest
With Sturdy Red Boots, a Colt Pistol that was the best
His Team stood silent pullin gently against the reins
And he spoke to each one of them and patted their manes
He reached in the Coach and pulled out a Large Pack
Then walked towards the office with the pack on his back  
He had a kind face, and a white snowy beard
His manner and actions gave no reason to be feared
Not a Hey Pard, or Howdy, he went right straight to the tree
And in no time at all, he left presents for everyone in the whole Territory
He looked back at me and smiled, then laughed right out loud
And the sound of his laughter would infect any crowd
He went back to his Coach, grabbed the reins and made ready
And the horses all trembled, but stayed even and steady
A flick of the reins and he was soon out of sight
But I heard him say Pard, I wish for you and all your friends a
“Merry Christmas To All, And To All A Good Night”